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Welcome to Teamwork Solutions

Teamwork Solutions, Inc. is an Automation Solutions Provider serving customers since 1991. Our main focus is on SCADA Systems, I/O Systems, and Industrial Communications devices. We provide sales, support, training, and configuration services for applications in these disciplines. Our goal is to bring our customers the best possible solution by understanding their specific needs and providing them with the products and services tailored to accomplish their control and monitoring goals.

Information on our various SCADA, control, and communications offerings can be found on this web site. We maintain an inventory of industrial modems, switches, Power-Over-Ethernet, and wireless devices to serve our market place. We are ready to accept phone or email orders with payment options including credit cards, or purchase order terms for qualified customers.I

If you would like to learn more about any of our products, training, or custom configuration and programming services contact by phone at (585) 244-4380, or e-mail us at