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Tatsoft’s FactoryStudio Platform

HMI, Embedded and OEMs

FactoryStudio® has a wide range of built-in PLC protocols and a special version for HMI and embedded systems. The version control system, small footprint and remote access make FactoryStudio® the best choice for machine builders and other OEMs.


FactoryStudio® has the full spectrum of expected SCADA functionality and goes beyond, extending the real-time database concept towards IT systems, including objects such as data structures, dynamic arrays and images, time events, data tables, all with a tight connection with .NET languages for calculation engines and custom logics.

Bring legacy HMI/SCADA projects

Use the reporting and export tools from your old HMI and SCADA software, to bring in automatically most of your previous project definition to state-of-art FactoryStudio® projects.

Features For Machine Builders

FactoryStudio® allows remote Support Access for Engineering, diagnostic troubleshooting, system upgrades and routine maintenance. It has easy localization – create once and run in any language – and powerful and easy to customize user Interface and graphics.

FactoryStudio® also allows direct interface with PLC and control systems, which can reduce engineering time and make project maintenance easier.

Wireless Connectivity

FactoryStudio® allows Android, iPhone and iPad connectivity to the important information you need, whenever you need it! The SCADA HMI Client app is the first graphical native app that has the displays created on the desktop using the Microsoft .NET Framework and WPF drawing tools. Graphical displays accessible from the iPAD with no specific project installation, just using the standard app downloaded from the Apple Store.

Multiple Database Connections

Every FactoryStudio® system includes, at no extra cost, a full-featured embedded SQL engine. This provides several advantages including:

• A safe and secure location for your entire project configuration.

• It can be used as the historian database to log tags, alarms and events on small to medium systems (up to 10GB of data).

• On Large systems, it can be used as a local Store and Forward location, when the remote database is not available.

• It provides an ideal system to store local runtime settings, retentive information, local recipes, schedules and tables and queries when preparing reports.

Besides the built-in SQL engine, FactoryStudio® provides seamless integration with any third- party database, including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Informix and others.

FactoryStudio Support

Our application has built-in management to support multiple application and product versions. It allows easy creation of executable files (.exe) for large-scale delivery that do not require software protection dongles (like Hardkeys or Softkeys) and quick prototyping and professional services from the talented Tatsoft® Support Team.

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