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PLCnext Controllers

PLCnext Control devices from Phoenix Contact enable you to work flexibly with your preferred programming languages, whether IEC 61131-3 or high-level languages. Unlimited flexibility with the quick and easy integration of open-source software and apps, current and future communication standards, and intelligent networking through connection to the cloud afford maximum freedom for your transition into the digital age.

Solution advantages

  • PLC with different performance classes for an ideal adaptation to your automation task
  • Integrated connection to Proficloud enables you to analyze your global machine and system data
  • The PLCnext Control devices can be tailored to your relevant application using open-source software and apps
  • Open Linux operating system and high-level language support
  • PLCnext Control devices are part of the COMPLETE line system

Open and innovative – PLCnext Control devices from the Axiocontrol series
AXC F 2152 PLCnext Control device
Open PLCnext Control device from the Axiocontrol series

Phoenix Contact offers several PLCs for PLCnext Technology in its robust Axiocontrol series. They are designed for programming with high-level languages, as well as classic IEC 61131-3 languages.

The PLCs can be extended with modules for the Axioline and Inline IP20 I/O systems. Furthermore, you can also add a hardware function, such as an additional Ethernet port, to the left of the AXC F 2152 and AXC F 3152 PLCnext Control devices.

Security is based on a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) where user certificates can also be stored. A cloud connection can be established by simply scanning the QR code printed directly on the PLC.

If you would prefer to try out the operating principle, handling, and performance capabilities of PLCnext Technology in a small-scale application first, you can use either of the two starter kits with pre-installed components for your test applications. When you order the starter kit, you will receive one year’s exclusive free access to Proficloud.