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Tatsoft Edge HMI

Local HMI at the Edge

Tatsoft EdgeHMI has all the functionality required on embedded PC applications, HMI Panels, Machine Builder, OEM systems, data acquisition and visualization at the edge of the network. While providing local and remote visualization, EdgeHMI goes beyond!

It collects Historical data, stores and forwards data to central server, processes Alarms and sends Events, runs local logic or analytics and data exchange with external databases. OPC and 40+ native protocol drivers are included at no extra cost. Built-in VB.NET script editor, with access to the full extent of Microsoft.NET framework class library, allows algorithms to be executed in real-time, providing local data filtering and analytics in the field. Vector-drawing tools with an extensive symbol library enables the creation of ultimate graphical interfaces.

Tatsoft EdgeHMI is the most flexible and powerful platform o deliver embedded solutions.